Closed Funds

What happens when an ETF Closes?

When an ETF closes, it takes some time to go through the liquidation process. If you are the owner of record at the time of the ETF delisting, you will receive the cash equivalent value of the fund’s assets at the time of sale (liquidation), not the value of the final closing price on the last day of trading. There will be a few days’ lag between the closing bell and the actual execution of the fund’s liquidation, so there could be slight discrepancies in those prices, as well as some risk.

For further information regarding a fund closure, please contact your broker, as they will have all the relevant information you require.

Terminated Funds

Fund NameISINDate of closureFinal NAVNotice document
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure UCITS ETFIE000HMSHYJ629th April 20241.5881 USDNotice Document
Solar Energy UCITS ETFIE00BMFNWC3317th April 20244.3434 USDNotice Document

Merged Funds

Merged FundISINDate of closureFinal NAVNotice documentMerger ratioReceiving Fund
U.S. Global Jets UCITS ETFIE00BN76Y76119th April 20245.8727 USDNotice Document0.824737966The Travel UCITS ETF
Procure Space UCITS ETFIE00BLH3CV3019th April 20244.0184 USDNotice Document0.398334067The Future of Defence UCITS ETF
HAN-GINS Cloud Technology Equal Weight UCITS ETFIE00BDDRF92428th March 202411.7848 USDNotice Document0.922041811HAN-GINS Tech Megatrend Equal Weight UCITS ETF
ETC Group Digital Assets and Blockchain Equity UCITS ETFIE00BMQ8YK9814th March 20243.0724 USDNotice Document0.29084174ETC Group Global Metaverse UCITS ETF
HANetf S&P Global Clean Energy Select HANzero™ UCITS ETFIE00BLH3CQ8627th February 20244.3545 USDNotice Document0.687485081iClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers UCITS ETF

Transitioned Funds

Fund NameISINDate of closureNotice documentReceiving Fund
ETC Group Global Metaverse UCITS ETFIE000KDY10O31st July 2024Notice DocumentETC Group Web 3.0 UCITS ETF

ETF Closure Timeline:

Typically, the ETF Closure announcements will be communicated on the relevant fund page and through brokers. It will contain the information about the dates the ETF will stop trading and when the fund’s assets will be liquidated. The notice is usually about 30 days, giving investors time to find replacement investments or ETFs and to alter their trading strategy.

The Dealing deadline for redemption requests is around 1 week after the last day of trading, followed the next day by the Last Dealing Day.

The Termination Date is around 2 weeks after the last day of trading, and around a week after the final Dealing Day.

The settlement date for Redemptions occurs 10 Business Days after the Termination Date.

For example, if a Notice to Shareholders was distributed on the 15th March 2024 for a fund termination, the timeline would look like this:

15th March 2024Notice to Shareholders
16th April 2024Last day of trading on relevant stock exchanges from which the Fund is to be delisted
22nd April 2024Dealing Deadline for redemption requests
23rd April 2024Last Dealing Day
29th April 2024Termination Date
10th May 2024Record Date for Shareholders
10 Business Days after the ‘Termination Date’Settlement Date for Redemptions

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