Competition Terms and Conditions

All Participants

1.1 Participants will only be considered as entrants to the giveaway upon registering for the webinar for which the giveaway pertains to. Entrants to webinars other than that which determines the giveaway draw will not be considered.

1.2 Participants must be over the age of 21 to enter the giveaway draw. Entrants found to be below the required age will be asked to forfeit the prize should they win.

1.3 Participants must be classified as a professional investor and /or demonstrate a history of employment in an institutional investment body.


2.1 The winner will be chosen at random from the webinar registrants. HANetf is not under any obligation to share with entrants the process by which a winner is chosen.

2.2 The winner will receive the prize via standard UK delivery. HANetf is not under any obligation to provide a prize and bears no responsibility for the prize failing to arrive at the winner’s address.

2.3 The winner will be notified by email and must respond to the email within 48 hours or they will forfeit the prize and another winner may be chosen.

2.4 The winner will adopt full responsibility for the prize upon receiving it and will not be compensated should it be damaged or otherwise non-functioning.

2.5 The winner is not guaranteed a prize and HANetf reserves the right to withhold the prize at any time and without reason.


3.1 The giveaway is not an incitement to invest and should not be considered a financial promotion.

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