Investment vehicles providing exposure to cryptocurrencies through 100% physical backing.


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Cryptocurrencies Overview

Spot cryptocurrecy exposure can be achieved via an ETC structure, whereby a fund is 100% physically backed by the underlying cryptoasset.

Direct access to cryptocurrencies can be challenging, as there is reliance on unregulated crypto exchanges which can be prone to market abuse, and require a crypto wallet.

Exposure via an ETC negates the need for a crypto wallet, and allows for cryptocurrency exposure via mainstream, regulated European exchanges.

The Case for Exchange Traded Cryptocurrencies

100% Physical Backing

Each of the ETCs are 100% physically backed by the underlying cryptocurrency, which means they can be used as a proxy for holding the coin itself.

Regulated Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies can be accessed via regulated European exchanges, as opposed to unregulated crypto exchanges, which are prone to market abuse.

Safe Custody

The cryptocurrencies are centrally cleared and held by a regulated custodian, purpose built for holding digital assets. Strict KYC and AML standards ensure that the provenance of all cryptocurrency in custody has been vetted.

Key Risks

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. ETCs are for professional investors only. When you invest in ETCs your capital is at risk.

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