Leading Tech Megatrends ETF targets Blockchain growth with new holdings

Leading Tech Megatrends ETF targets Blockchain growth with new holdings

  • HAN-GINS Technology ETF rebalances to add 11 new Blockchain holdings
  • The size of the Blockchain market is expected to grow from $3 billion last year to $39.7 billion in 2025[1]
  • Blockchain holdings include RIOT Blockchain INC which is up 4155% in a year[2]
  • Blockchain is one of eight subthemes and now comprises approximately 13% of ITEK. Before the rebalance it included just 2 holdings.

The HAN-GINS Technology ETF (ITEK) is targeting growth in the Blockchain sub-sector after rebalancing to include 11 new Blockchain holdings. One of eight subthemes Blockchain now represents approximately 13% of ITEK therefore positioning it to benefit from increasing interest in the sector. Before the rebalance the Blockchain theme accounted for only 2 holdings in ITEK.

The Technology ETF which has already delivered growth of nearly 20% in the past three months and 84% in the past 12 months[3] believes the current focus on cryptocurrencies will boost Blockchain which provides the underlying technology for crypto assets but also has a wide range of other uses. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and when you trade ETFs your capital is at risk.

The size of the Blockchain sector is expected to expand from $3 billion last year to more than $39.7 billion by 20251 with Blockchain playing a major role in areas such as cryptocurrencies digital IDs reward and loyalty programmes copyright protection digital voting real estate transfers medical records and wills. Gartner Research estimates Blockchain will generate business value of $175 billion by 2025 rising to $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Some of the major growth markets which are set to be subject to Blockchain disruption include contactless payments supply chain management and healthcare applications underlining the potential of the sector.

Anthony Ginsberg Co-Creator of the HAN-GINS Tech Megatrend ETF (ITEK) says: “Until now there weren’t enough companies that qualified in the Blockchain sub-sector for inclusion in ITEK which is why we are very excited to have just added 11 new holdings to the ETF.

“This positions ITEK to benefit from the increased interest in not only cryptocurrencies but in related areas such as the mining and administration of cryptos plus the growing use of secure digital ledgers globally in a wide variety of fields.”

Blockchain holdings in ITEK include RIOT Blockchain one of the largest publicly traded Bitcoin miners in North America which has seen a one year return of 4155%[1]. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. [1] Source:

Others include Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp which has developed innovative data verification and the provision of security suites services alongside its battery management system for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

Marathon Digital Holdings INC is a digital asset technology company that mines cryptocurrencies with a focus on the Blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets while Bitcoin Group SE operates Europe’s largest Bitcoin marketplace with nearly a million customers.

Other holdings include Northern Data AG Voyager Digital Ltd HIVE Blockchain Technologies Argo Blockchain PLC Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd Hut 8 Mining Corp. Diginex Ltd Bitfarms Limited/Canada and DMG Blockchain Sol.

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