Active ETFs are on the rise – are asset managers at risk of missing the boat?


Active ETFs have arrived in Europe. Their AUM totalled around €35 billion at the end of 2023, but that number is growing by around a third each year. According to the latest annual survey from PwC, this demand is expected to continue to increase.

Asset managers are looking at active ETFs as a serious strategic opportunity that will enable them to grow and meet the needs of modern investors. HANetf is Europe’s largest provider of white-label ETFs and ETCs, providing a full white label operational, regulatory, distribution and marketing solution for asset managers who want to successfully launch and manage UCITS ETFs and ETCs.

About this Webinar

  • Date:

    Tuesday, July 9 2024

  • Time:

    3:00pm BST

  • Speakers:
    • Jamie Patturelli, Director of Exchange Traded Products, New York Stock Exchange
    •  Ronan Henderson, Head of ETF Client Trading, Susquehanna International Group
    •  Des Fullam, Chief Regulatory & Client Solutions Officer, Carne Group
    •  Stephen Carson, Head of Asset Management & Investment Funds, A&L Goodbody
    •  Jason Griffin, Head of Capital Markets & Business Development, HANetf

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