Can Crypto Enhance Portfolio Returns? | Plus Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval


– Impact of the SEC approval
Discover what the introduction of a spot price Bitcoin ETF means for the future of cryptocurrency and digital asset ETPs. Find out how the spot price Bitcoin ETFs will likely differ from European crypto ETCs.

– Correlation with other asset classes
Uncover the relationship between cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes. Explore how crypto’s correlation dynamics could impact the overall stability of an investment portfolio.

– Impact on returns versus volatility cost
Delve into the trade-off between crypto’s potential for high returns and the associated volatility costs. Gain insights into optimising risk-adjusted returns in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.

– Optimal allocation strategies
Navigate the complexities of allocating cryptocurrencies within a diversified portfolio. Learn potential strategies to achieve an optimal balance, harnessing the potential of crypto while managing risk effectively.

About this Webinar

  • Date:

    January 16 2024

  • Speaker:
    • Bradley Duke
    • Hector McNeil Co-CEO and Co-Founder at HANetf

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