FAANGS, MAG7, Fab4: where next for US megacaps?


Stock markets have staged a strong recovery since 2023, when the outlook for interest rates started to improve. But this is largely driven by the performance of a few large-cap US growth equities. The so-called Magnificent 7 have come to represent an ever bigger share of major indices, potentially presenting concentration risk to investors. In this webinar we will hear from two portfolio managers covering their outlook for US large caps and the approaches that their portfolios take to investing.

About this Webinar

  • Date:

    Wednesday, June 26 2024

  • Time:

    3:00pm BST

  • Speakers:
    • Scott Klimo, Chief Investment Officer, Saturna Capital
    • Anthony Ginsberg, CEO, GinsGlobal Index Funds
    • Tom Bailey, Head of Research, HANetf

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