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Defence & Aerospace Overview

We are at the cutting-edge of air travel and defence capabilites. Airline traffic is rising and technological innovation could see the return of supersonic travel in the coming years, as well as low-emissions fuel-alternatives.

Simultaneously, record amounts are being spent on defence and cyber defence amid mounting geopolitical tensions. Given the ongoing global conflicts, and the rise in cyber warfare, underspending on defence is not an option.

Case for Defence & Aerospace

Geopolitical Instability

Following the post-Cold War spending slump, defence sector spending has begun to accelerate. The global defence market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% to reach $718 billion by 2027.

Air Traffic Increasing

Passenger numbers are increasing, new routes are being added, and technologically advanced airports are being constructed around the globe.

Innovation Driving Growth

New technologies are emerging, with the potential for faster passenger airlines and new defence capabilities such as cyber defence.

Key Risks

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