Future of Energy

Investment themes for accessing energy sources that will redefine our future.


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Future of Energy Overview

Countries around the globe are facing unprecedented pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, which will require a drastic departure from the current reliance on emissions-intensive energy and transport.

From renewable and clean energy, to green transport, to the critical materials underpinning the energy transition – change is coming, and fast.

Case for Future of Energy

Regulation Driving Change

92 countries have net-zero targets in law, policy, or pledges. The US has pledged $783 billion, the EU over €1 trillion — the transition is underway.

Surging Electricity Consumption

Global electricity consumption is expected to increase 76% by 2050. This is being driven by global economic growth, as well as the electrification of developed economies.

Clean Tech Race

Clean technology is evolving, fast. But annual global investments will need to quadruple by 2050 to meet net-zero targets.

Key Risks

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