HANetf lists 4 new ETFs on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

  • HANetf lists 4 new ETFs on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
  • The new listings continue to widen Latin American access to the favoured UCITS wrapper
  • HANetf now has 19 ETFs listed on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

May 2022. London UK

HANetf Europe’s first full services &lsquowhite label’ UCITS ETF issuer is delighted to announce that it has listed four new ETFs on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) bringing the total number of HANetf listed products on BMV to 19. [1]

Among the four funds being listed is FMQQ Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce ESG-S UCITS ETF (FMQQ) which provides exposure to the Internet and Ecommerce sectors of the developing world except for China. Also being listed is Purpose Enterprise Software ESG-S UCITS ETF (SOFT) which gives investors diversified access to companies at the forefront of digital transformation.

HANetf S&P Global Clean Energy Select HANzero™ UCITS ETF (ZERO) is also listing as Europe’s first ETF to include a carbon offset ZERO gives environmentally conscious investors the opportunity to target capital growth with reassurance that the carbon emissions linked to their investment will be offset through HANzero™ HANetf’s carbon offset program. [2]

In addition to this SOFT FMQQ and ZERO have all been certified as Article 8 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) demonstrating that these funds have been assessed using best-in-class screening and that they support the promotion of sustainable investment characteristics. [3]

Another listing is U.S. Global Jets UCITS ETF (JETS) Europe’s first global airline industry ETF which delivers exposure to the global airline industry including airline operators and manufacturers from all over the world. [4]

The UCITS wrapper has become increasingly favoured by Latin American investors due to recognition of its robust regulation and governance structure. Demand is also thought to be increasing for UCITS products in Latin America due to the preferential tax treatment of UCITS compared to alternative wrappers. [5]

Hector McNeil co-CEO and co-Founder of HANetf comments: “We are thrilled to list additional products on Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMW). Latin American investors increasingly want to use the UCITS wrapper when it comes to ETFs. HANetf is Europe’s most extensive thematic ETF issuer -by listing on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores we are providing Latin American investors with easier access to these innovative and disruptive themes be it emerging markets software clean energy or airlines.” [6]

HANetf currently lists its product range on the London Stock Exchange Borsa Italiana Six and Deutsche Boerse and passports into Benelux Nordics Poland and Spain.

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