HANetf more than doubles footprint in Switzerland with a dozen new listings

  • HANetf lists 12 new ETFs on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • The newly listed ETFs include new innovative themes such as blockchain eco-system the space economy cleaner living global airlines and emerging market ex-China tech.
  • New ETF listings brings HANetf’s listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange to a total of 20.

1st March 2022 London

HANetf Europe’s first full services &lsquowhite label’ UCITS ETF issuer has doubled its footprint in Switzerland with the listing of twelve ETFs on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The total number of HANetf products on the exchange now stands at 20.

As per the research HANetf is currently Europe’s most extensive thematic issuer being first to market with a variety of themes. These innovative themes can be found among the new listings on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Included among the 12 listing is Procure Space UCITS ETF Europe’s first space economy ETF. Also included are ETFs focusing on distributed energy clean energy emerging market ex-China tech platforms ESG gold miners and the crypto eco-system.

Also notable is the listing of two active ETFs Saturna Sustainable ESG Equity HANzeroTM UCITS ETF and Saturna Al-Kawthar Global Focused Equity UCITS ETF. Over the past two years there has been a boom in actively managed ETFs in the US. This trend is just starting to take off in Europe.

The full list of ETFs listing are as follows:

  • Cleaner Living ESG-S UCITS ETF
  • Airlines Hotels Cruise Lines UCITS ETF
  • AuAg ESG Gold Mining UCITS ETF
  • ETC Group Digital Assets and Blockchain Equity UCITS ETF
  • Fischer Sports Betting & IGaming UCITS ETF
  • FMQQ Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce ESG-S UCITS ETF
  • iClima Smart Energy UCITS ETF
  • Procure Space UCITS ETF
  • Saturna Al-Kawthar Global Focused Equity UCITS ETF
  • Saturna Sustainable ESG Equity HANzero™ UCITS ETF
  • Solar Energy UCITS ETF
  • U.S. Global Jets UCITS ETF

When you trade ETFs your capital is at risk.

Hector McNeil co-founder and co-CEO at HANetf said: “The Swiss ETF market continues to see strong growth in listings and we believe this will continue driven by the country’s reputation for stability and the Swiss asset management market’s global appeal.

“We are pleased to add 12 new SIX Swiss Exchange believe they offer investors transparent and liquid exposure to long-term social medical and technological megatrends. As Europe’s most extensive thematic ETF issuer we are proud to bring new innovative investment themes to the Swiss market.”

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