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Strategie che offrono un’esposizione a panieri diversificati di obbligazioni.


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Fixed Income Overview

The strategy comprises funds focused on pooling together a collection of bonds, or other fixed income securities. fixed income securities are debt instruments, paying a fixed interest or coupon rate over a specified period.

The strategy can allow for diversification of investment portfolios and accessible exposure to the fixed income market, without having to purchase individual bonds.

Case for Fixed Income


An efficient way to diversify an investment portfolio by providing exposure to a broad range of bonds. This diversification helps mitigate risk and provides a more balanced investment strategy.


Cost-effective way to diversify bond investments. ETFs overcome the traditional challenges associated with buying individual bonds, such as high minimum lot sizes and limited accessibility. Fixed income ETFs provide an accessible entry point into bond markets.


Unlike individual bonds with limited lifetimes, most fixed income ETFs do not have maturity dates. This simplifies portfolio management for investors, reducing the need to worry about replacing maturing bonds with newer issues.

Key Risks

ETFs are for professional investors only. When you invest in ETFs, your capital is at risk.

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