Video | HANetf‘s ’NATO’ ETF celebrates 1 year: Insights from Tom Bailey

HANetf head of research Tom Bailey talked with Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion about the first anniversary of the Future of Defence UCITS ETF, also known by its ticker NATO.

Bailey highlighted the fund’s strong performance and growth, having amassed around $400 million in assets under management since its launch. He emphasised the increasing global tensions and commitments to defence spending, particularly from European NATO members, as key drivers behind the ETF’s success. Bailey also noted a significant shift in investor sentiment towards defence investments, with growing interest from both retail investors and conservative institutions.

“The investment case behind the ETF seems to constantly be reaffirmed,” Bailey stated, pointing out the ongoing rethinking among investors regarding defence investments. He discussed the ETF’s unique selling points, including its focus on NATO member companies and strong representation of cyber defence firms.

Bailey explained how geopolitical factors, such as potential shifts in US policy under a Trump presidency and the rearmament of Europe, influence the ETF’s performance. He highlighted the importance of cyber security as a critical component of modern defence, which is well-represented in the ETF’s portfolio.

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