Metals & Mining

Investment themes aiming to capture the extraction of rare-earth metals and critical materials required for a sustainable future.


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Metals & Mining Overview

Countries around the globe are committing to increasingly ambitious net-zero goals. Miners will need to step up to meet the surging demand for the critical materials required for clean energy and transport technology.

Simultaneously, there is increasing demand for rare-earth metals like gold as a store of value and hedge against inflation or mainstream banks.

Case for Metals & Mining

The Metals Age is Upon Us

The 20th century was dominated by coal and oil. But now, we need a range of critical metals for clean energy production, transmission, and storage.

Mining to Meet Demand

By 2030, demand for critical materials is predicted to triple. Investments in mining would need to increase from $45bn to $70bn per annum through to 2030.

Responsible Mining

Mining can be responsible, whether it is mining critical materials for clean energy infrastructure, or employing sustainable practices for the mining companies themselves.

Key Risks

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