Thematic Review | Thematic Survey (5/6)

Chapter 1:News and Updates

Chapter 2: Performance Table and Heatmap

Chapter 3: Performance Analysis

Chapter 4: Looking Ahead – Going Green and Clean?

Chapter 5: Thematic Survey

Chapter 6: Thematic Deep Dive

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Thematic Survey

Financial professionals already have sizeable exposure to thematic funds. However they expect both their own exposure to thematic funds and the wider thematic ETF market in Europe to continue to grow. The survey was completed by 60 wealth managers and IFAs across Europe. Those surveyed had a collective AUM of &euro136.125 billion. [20]

What percentage exposure to thematic funds do the portfolios you manage have?”

73.3% of professional investors surveyed have over 15% exposure to thematic funds in the portfolios they manage. 98.3% have at least 5% exposure to thematic funds.

Do you expect to increase exposure to thematic funds over the next 12 months (for the portfolios you manage)?” 90% of respondents said they expect to increase their thematic exposure over the next 12-months in the portfolios they manage.

Have you noticed increased interest in thematic investing from clients over the past 12-months?” 95% of respondents said they have seen interest in thematic investing from clients increase over the previous 12 months.

In 2019 European listed thematic ETFs had under $10 billion in AUM but this is now around $41bn. What do you think the AUM will be by the end of 2022?” Financial professionals expect the amount of AUM in thematic ETFs to grow to at least $50bn by the end of 2022.

“Which of the following themes do you feel most positive about over the next 12 months?” Financial professionals are split on which themes they are most bullish about. However among the most popular were blockchain decentralised finance and the crypto economy renewable and clean energy and the Metaverse The largest number of respondents (26.7%) identified “blockchain decentralised finance and the crypto economy” as the theme they feel most positive about. Clean and renewable energy was also popular with 25% of respondents identifying it as the theme they are most bullish about.

“How bullish are you on the emerging Metaverse theme?” An emerging theme over the past year has been the Metaverse. 93.3% of respondents said they were either very or somewhat bullish on the theme. Less than 4% said they were not bullish on theme.

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