HANetf and Gins Global Extend Innovative Technology ETF Series with Global Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF

HANetf and Gins Global Extend Innovative Technology ETF Series with Global Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF

HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF (WELL) provides exposure to 88 Healthtech companies from Developed and Emerging Markets

Third ETF from Gins Global to launch via HANetf white-label platform

London April 2018 – HANetf Europe’s first independent &lsquowhite label’ UCITS ETF issuer is pleased to announce that the HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF (WELL) has launched on London Stock Exchange today with a TER of 75bps.

WELL has been launched on HANetf’s unique independent white-label UCITS ETF platform with Gins Global Index Funds as part of a series of thematic ETFs that provide exposure to innovative and emerging industrial and technological themes.

The new ETF tracks the Indxx Advanced Life Sciences & Smart Healthcare Thematic Index enabling investors to gain exposure to companies at the forefront of healthcare innovation from both Developed and Emerging Markets. To be included constituents must generate a majority of their revenues from innovative healthtech sectors including Bioinformatics Bioengineering Genome Sequencing Healthcare Trackers Nanotechnology Neuroscience Robotics and Medical Devices. The 88 current constituents have a combined market capitalisation of ~$824 Billon.[1]

Anthony Ginsberg Founder and Managing Director Gins Global Index Funds said: “Healthcare advances over the past 100 years have dramatically increased human lifespans and reduced the risk of death from communicable diseases like malaria or influenza. Technology and healthcare are now combining to create a faster safer and more personalised generation of diagnostics treatments and medicines. We are excited to offer WELL with HANetf providing exposure to the companies at the forefront of these developments in a diversified liquid and transparent format.”

Hector McNeil co-Founder and co-CEO HANetf said: “We are pleased to introduce WELL expanding our range of HAN-GINS ETFs which enable investors to incorporate long-term transformational technological trends into their portfolios. Healthcare has been a core portfolio holding for decades and with this new ETF we go beyond &lsquoBig Pharma’ to capture the companies that are addressing the key healthcare and wellness challenges of our time. When it comes to healthcare we hope all investors get WELL soon.”

The launch of &lsquoWELL’ extends the HAN-GINS range of ETFs which target “Industry 4.0” themes. HAN-GINS Innovative Technologies UCITS ETF (ITEK) and HAN-GINS Cloud Technologies UCITS ETF (SKYY) were launched in October 2018.

[1] Source: Indxx. Data as of 12 March 2019.

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