The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC audit confirms all gold bars are produced post-2019

The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC (RMAU) semi-annual audit confirms all gold bars are produced post 2019 and 100% compliance with LBMA Responsible Gold Sourcing Policy

  • 100% of bars were confirmed as LBMA good delivery
  • 100% of the bars are in compliance with the LBMA Responsible Sourcing Policy post 2019 policy the highest sustainable gold policy
  • The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC -RMAU conducts a third-party audit semi annually
  • RMAU most recent audit completed 21st October 2021

08/11/2021 London

HANetf are delighted to announce that a recent inspection third-party audit of the gold bars backing the Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC (ticker: RMAU) by gold bullion experts Alex Stuart International Corporation showed that 100% of the gold bars were backed by LBMA responsibly sourced bars that have been produced post 2019. [1] This is important because post 2019 produced gold bars meet the highest standard of gold with regards to metal quality ethical trading and responsible sourcing.

The results of the October 2021 audit are as follows:

  • All bars held conformed to LBMA good delivery requirements.
  • 100% of the bars were produced post 2019.
  • 100% (without exception) compliance with the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Sourcing Programme

HANetf publishes the gold bar list on the RMAU Physical Gold ETC page on the HANetf website and updates the bar list daily. The bar list details every bar held in custody to back the ETC and includes all the relevant identifiers to be able to cross check the bar is included on the London Bullion Market Associations (LBMA) “Good Delivery” list. The third-party audits give a further level of investor protection that all the Good Delivery bars are present and have not been tampered with. When you trade gold ETCs your capital is at risk.

The audit also verifies the gold bars held conform to the LBMA’s Responsibly Sourced Gold policy post 2019 bars which is the highest level of sustainability for gold bars globally. The policy was first introduced in 2012 but has been updated to post 2019. The LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance policy states:

LBMA established the Responsible Gold Guidance for Good Delivery Refiners in order to combat systematic or widespread abuses of human rights to avoid contributing to conflict comply with high standards of anti- money laundering and combating terrorist financing practice. In addition the Guidance has been developed to recognise the increasing importance of having strong corporate governance and addressing environmental and sustainability responsibilities. This Guidance formalises and consolidates existing high standards of Due Diligence amongst all LBMA Good Delivery Refiners.LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing Programme explicitly requires refiners to engage with producers defining minimum requirements that are mandatory along the entire precious metal supply chain. The Guidance follows the five-step framework for risk-based Due Diligence of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas adopted on 15 December 2010 and the requirements detailed in the OECD Gold Supplement adopted on 17 July 2012. [2]

The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC is the only Gold ETP issued and backed by a European Sovereign Mint. Investors can physically redeem the gold ETC for a range of in-house produced bars and coins such as the world-famous Sovereign and Britannia coins. When you trade gold ETCs your capital is at risk.

The Royal Mint are committed to providing sustainable precious metal investment solutions.