World’s first actively managed global equity Shariah compliant ETF has listed on London Stock Exchange

World’s first actively managed global equity Shariah compliant ETF has listed on London Stock Exchange

  • Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equity UCITS ETF (ticker: AMAL) to list on three European exchanges in coming weeks
  • AMAL UCITS ETF to be compliant with Islamic Law
  • AMAL UCITS ETF has appointed Sanlam Investments’ UK award-winning Global High Quality equity team to manage the assets
  • AMAL UCITS ETF will be the 10th and first actively managed ETF on the HANetf platform since it launched its first ETF in October 2018

30 September 2020 London

The world’s first active global equityShariah compliant ETF [1]Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equity UCITS ETF (the ETF) has listed on the London Stock Exchange via HANetf’s ETF platform. The Shariah compliant ETF has also been passported across Europe to Scandinavia Italy the Netherlands and Austria.

Almalia has selected Sanlam Investments UK to manage the assets of the ETF based on the success of its award-winning Global High Quality Strategy which was launched by Sanlam’s Global Head of Equities Pieter Fourie in 2008. The ETF will form part of this strategy and will be managed by Pieter along with his team of six investment professionals.

The ETF will aim to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term whilst complying with the Principles of Shariah Investment. To this end it will invest in companies with high returns on capital and low leverage as well as enduring business models with a sustainable competitive advantage producing significant free cash flow after capital expenditure. Investment screening to ascertain the ETF’s on-going compliance with the Principles of Shariah Investment will be overseen by a Shariah Panel of scholars from Amanie Advisors with deep expertise in Islamic Investment. Islamic financial products share four main features they are asset backed ethical share risks equitably and are subject to good governance.

Our Shariah compliant ETF may be suitable for investors looking to access an experienced active management team offering a high-quality strategy with the efficiencies flexibility and democracy that are inherent to the ETF structure.

Paul-David Oosthuizen CEO of Almalia said: “We are proud to be the first to launch an actively managed Shariah compliant global equities ETF. Our team is passionate about values-based investing and providing innovative solutions to underserved investors. This ETF may be suitable for investors looking for an actively managed strategy with a focus on good governance as well as those who wish to invest in a Shariah compliant way.”

Lida Eslami Head of Business Development ETP and IOB London Stock Exchange commented: “Congratulations to Almalia on the listing of their actively managed Shariah compliant ETF. ETFs are an increasingly efficient way for institutional and retail investors to diversify their portfolios and gain access to a wide range of products for their evolving strategies. London Stock Exchange is a leading ETF listing and trading venue and will continue to work with innovative issuers to bring their products to market and provide choice to investors.”

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Product Information:

The Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equity UCITS ETFLondon Stock Exchange




The Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equities UCITS ETFLondon Stock Exchange





For more information visit the Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equity UCITS ETF fund page.

About Almalia

Almalia is a financial services group headquartered in the UK with a presence in the UAE. Almalia’s core focus is providing innovation within Islamic finance to create greater variety and global access to Shariah-compliant investment opportunities. This core focus in underpinned by two themes namely wealth creation and meaningful financial inclusion.

About Sanlam

Sanlam Investments UK is the offshore boutique asset management and fund business arm of the financial services group Sanlam Limited. Sanlam Investments UK manages over £5.3 billion in both single strategy and long only funds specialist multi-asset solutions and captive fund solutions.

Sanlam Limited is an international financial services group with a listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and a market capitalisation of £10.2 billion. Established in 1918 the group provides a range of services to over 10 million clients globally including insurance financial planning investments and wealth management.

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