Sustainable Gold

Investment vehicles aiming to capture the price, and extraction, of gold, through responsible sourcing.


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Sustainable Gold Overview

Throughout history, gold has endured as a store of value. In times of economic uncertainty, the precious metal can act as a “safe haven” for investors and a potential hedge against currency devaluation, inflation, or deflation.

Simultaneously, gold has become a critical metal for technology, and demand is rising. Gold miners could therefore be posied to benefit from growing demand.

Gold exposure can be sustainable, by using an ESG-screen or accessing less carbon intensive recycled gold.

Gold ore

Case for Gold

Hedge Against Uncertainty

During periods of economic uncertainty, gold is often favoured. Its variable price can offset currency devaluations.

Responsibly Sourced

Gold exposure can be sustainable. Exposure can be achieved through ESG-screened gold miners, or through accessing recycled gold.

Growing Demand

Gold has proven to be useful not only as an enduring store of value, but as a conductor, driving demand for the metal. Gold miners, therefore, could be poised to benefit.

Key Risks

For professional investors only. When you invest in ETFs or ETCs your capital is at risk.

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